How to Support Punjab During Covid -19

There’s so much happening in the world right due to covid-19 (coronavirus). Unfortunately, we know the poorest will suffer the most – those unable to “work from home”. In the West there’s a safety net, government welfare packages and a standard of living that isn’t afforded to those in rural villages in Punjab and daily wagers in the cities during this time.  

The government is insisting people stay at home which is very important, however, implementation of plans to make sure everyone has essential supplies are falling short. Many daily wagers rely on the small income they earn off things that are no longer taking place – small food stalls, construction sites, house helpers and more. Without that work and strong enforcement of isolation measures, many are stuck without food. The brilliant team at Punjab Youth Leaders Program have collated a COVID-19 relief efforts list of all the great initiatives that you can support. You can either support an existing initiative by reaching out (many of them are running fundraisers) or contribute to the list if you’re in Punjab. We’ve supported Grey Shades led by Wyonna D’Souza and Chhoti Si Aasha via a campaign led by Amy Singh who is a Bold Punjab volunteer based in Chandigarh. Both of these young leaders were on the panel at our launch event late in 2019.

Now is the time to be generous and to give. No matter where you are – Australia, UK, Canada, America or India – if you have the safety net of food, a home, and security we hope you’ll find the generosity to give to one of the above organisations who are serving in the time of need.

Let’s work together to make generosity as widespread as the Punjabi memes and tiktok videos during this time. If you are able to contribute, let us know and we’d love to acknowledge your contribution via a shoutout through our social media. Generosity begets generosity. #givetopunjab

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