Punjab Startups: How Pallavi launched FitMat India

After 9 years of working at a corporate, Pallavi decided to quit.

Despite the promising growth and potential she was eager to start something of her own. The next two months were hard, navigating the unknown, directionless and armed with a desire to start something but not quite sure what.

She tried a few things here and there but nothing seemed to be “it”. 

After sleepless nights on a rather uncomfortable mattress, her entrepreneurial spirit unleashed. 

Why was her mattress uncomfortable? 

She turned this otherwise annoying problem into an opportunity. After some research she realised mattress toppers were quite in demand across the world but not well known in India. She went about further researching the market, learning how to sell on amazon and about the manufacturing process. Knowing nothing about manufacturing didn’t curb her enthusiasm for learning and launching FitMat India

“It’s all about continuous learning. I started researching trends in the industry and other international brands in this space.” she tells me at Spacejam, one of co-working spaces in Chandigarh opened by Amitoz Pal Singh who had earlier introduced me to Pallavi. 

The memory foam mattress topper provided luxurious comfort without the price tag of a whole mattress. But it solved another problem. Often in India two beds are put together to make a double bed and it’s quite uncomfortable, I’ve experienced this at hotels myself. 

Concerned for her financial security, her family weren’t exactly championing her new entrepreneurial path. But she didn’t let that stop her. Despite their lack of enthusiasm, she persevered. 

Determined not to fail in her pursuit of building something meaningful she kept going. In finding someone to stitch mattress toppers, Pallavi came across many potential and competent men she could work with, but she decided to go with a woman who was unable to  find work. 

“I chose her and decided to improve her skillet, I had to be patient but it’s been inspiring.” Now she’s independent and supports her child with her income from the stitching work. “She in turn has hired another two workers as my business grows.” Women supporting other women in their supply chain is a critical way to increase financial independence. 

Nirdosh Rani stitches mattress covers for Fit Mat India

After a year of successfully selling mattress toppers on amazon, others started asking her how to sell on amazon. Used quite widely in India, few small businesses know how to sell on amazon. She decided to help another business, ultimately leading to 500% growth in one year. It was this that led to the next stage of her entrepreneurial journey – Esolify ecommerce consulting. Helping small and large businesses sell on amazon. Her clients range from cosmetics to supplements and she enjoys being able to apply what she learned to different industries.

Pallavi Garg now continues to grow her business, creating jobs for others as her business grows. Her work is essential in Punjab, where youth unemployment is high and entrepreneurship is essential to stimulating the economy. 

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