The space for bold women who are impactful founders and leaders. We bring together bold South Asian women to empower each other and get behind women in India through education, advocacy and community. We’re committed to redefining the narrative of success for young people. Founded in Melbourne, Australia.


Our Why

Culture – Redefining the Narrative
We’re here to redefine the narrative of success by showcasing and profiling bold impactful entrepreneurs, leaders and change agents who are making a profound difference. You can’t be what you can’t see and we aim to give a platform to the role models who inspire, motivate and take action on issues that matter most. Ultimately we’re all about changing culture, aspirations and providing hope.

What we do? 

Entrepreneurial Education
Our flagship program in India is an online and in country online work accelerator. This program takes talented female leaderswho are committed to making a difference and accelerates their growth through entreprenerial education, connecting them to industry and networks across the globe and providing practical training. Most importantly it’s about going on a journey with fellow passionate and curious members of the cohort.

Community and Connection 
We’re the space for young South Asian women to connect, learn and grow. Through our curated event series and book club via our South Asian Literature Centre we create a space for women to come together, discuss ideas and connect with each other so they can connect with a sisterhood and build a tribe critical to success.


Daizy Maan

Melbourne, Australia

Daizy Maan

Sehar Gupta

Operations Associate Melbourne, Australia

Advisory Board

Doug Bushée

Gartner & Core Foundation
Washington DC, USA

Professor Svetha Venkatesh

Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia