The Power of Poetry

Amy Singh is a poet, activist and teacher in Chandigarh, Punjab. She’s been featured in India Today, The Tribune & Indian Express. In this short Q&A for our series – “Bold Punjabis”, we get to know a little more about Amy’s work and what she wishes to achieve through it.

  • What do you do and why?

I am a performance poet and I do it to form human connections in our ever isolating world. Also to invoke dialogue about socio-political events and to comment on my environment – inner and external. 

  • What does Punjabi representation mean to you?

It means to make visible the real, grassroot and authentic representation of our contemporary victories and struggles instead of the stereotypes of misinformed, mainstream representation that presently exists. 

  • What change do you want to bring through your work?

I want to find my own voice as I navigate through life with all its crisis and glories and support fellow femme, intersectional, non binary voices to find an agency through art and activism.

  • Walk us through an incident that you think shaped your visions and landed you into writing poetry?

I guess it was merely an observation of an incident where I saw someone plucking a flower before me and wondered if the plant felt hurt, stolen from. Did the plant feel like my mother when I am hurt. I must have been 6 or 7 years old. That was the birth of my first poem.

  • Why do you work for building safe spaces? Any particular personal incident?

I work on it because I see a dire need for fearless freedom – Bekhauf Aazadi, of reclaiming the streets, the night and all the public/personal spaces where we are silenced, overlooked and underestimated. 

  • Do you think writing can bring change?

Absolutely. It has and It will!

  • What are you currently working on?

Spreading awareness about Anti-poor and discriminatory characters of CAA-NRC (Citizenship Amendment Act – National Register of Citizens) in India. I find myself actively engaging in the resistance movement through my poems and solidarity.

Connect with Amy Singh on Instagram to know more about her work & follow her journey.

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